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15 Dec, 2021

Warm up this winter with the PlusSea Winter Menu

As the days get chillier, we begin to crave a heartier cuisine. Food that will warm our hearts and our bellies, all enjoyed, of course, against the sound of waves at your feet. This is why, every winter, the PlusSea menu gets a makeover, introducing a series of tasty, filling dishes that are better suited to warmer days.

While the main menu staples you have grown to love are still on the menu – including the large variety of fish and seafood dishes that PlusSea is known for – we have made a few new additions that are sure to delight this winter season. A cozy tandoori chicken curry with winter squash has just the right amount of spice to warm your insides, while the creamy lobster and crab ravioli or the nourishing beef steak sandwich are great options for when you want something lighter yet just as filling. For a meatless dining experience, we have also added a brand new vegan menu that includes a deliciously rich butternut squash and green pea curry that’s perfect for the cold days of winter.

Our desserts have also undergone a few changes, swapping out the lighter fare of summer with some warming sweet dishes, including poached pears in chocolate sauce, a wintery bourbon pecan tart, and an extravagant lava choco caramel cake that is sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

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