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12 Jan, 2018

The old fashioned… always in style!

Let us introduce you to the famed Old Fashioned cocktail: born in the 1800s, it predates the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the invention of the automobile and airplane, and the advent of modern medicine. Yes, the Old Fashioned has been around for a long time, and has witnessed centuries come and go.

Having most recently experienced a revival thanks to being the drink of choice for powerful ad man, Don Draper, from the critically acclaimed series Mad Men, the Old Fashioned has long been beloved by many who appreciate its fine art of balance.

For if prepared correctly – delicately marrying its key ingredients of whisky, Angostura bitters, and sugar, garnished with a fragrant orange rind – the Old Fashioned is at once strong and soft, sweet and subtle, and dead-simple yet devilishly delicious.

Just ask PlusSea’s resident mixologist, who will be happy to oblige in creating one for you: a stylish way to bid goodbye to the day, and embrace the night ahead!