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15 Apr, 2019

Eat out, eat healthy…

With clean eating and healthy food gaining more and more fans every day, here at PlusSea we embrace the concept by offering a variety of dishes perfectly balanced and nutritious for all the wellness aficionados. At PlusSea you can eat out and still eat healthy. We combine the notion of conscious eating with our philosophy of promoting happiness, tranquility and well-being.

Located on the beach and distanced from the noise of city life, featuring the ultimate setting for indulgence, entertainment and rest, dining at PlusSea awakens the senses with the quality of food and zestful combinations. Especially for this season, which coincides with the Orthodox Easter fasting period, PlusSea invites you to indulge in a new experience of clean eating with superb dishes prepared by our team of award winning chefs. Treat yourself to a selection of refreshing salads, delicious appetizers, amazing pasta, and fresh fish dishes, all with an emphasis on garden-fresh and local vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seafood.

Our Vegan Quinoa Salad is an all season favorite preferred by many for its nutritional properties and deliciousness. It is, besides, a great way to start your meal, thus followed by our Mediterranean-Style Grilled Octopus served with a crunchy herb salad and sautéed potatoes seasoned with oregano. Other fresh seafood options include Grilled Whole Squid, Steamed Mussels, Fresh Fillet of Sea Bass or any other fresh catch of the day.

For the pasta lovers, may we recommend the divine Lobster Pasta made of spaghetti with fresh lobster in a tomato sauce. The Seafood Risotto Milanese, served with prawns and shellfish, is a mouthwatering option ideal for sharing. And let’s not forget a delightful variety of cold and hot appetizers ranging from the traditional chickpea spread of Hummus, to the appealing Chilled Carrot Soup with Orange and Tarragon Granite, to the Vegetable Filo Basked, filled with stewed Mediterranean Vegetables, hummus, pesto and tomato sauce.

Last, but not least, complete your meal with a delectable Apple Crumble, or choose a fresh juice or smoothie for the ultimate vitamin dose and refresh guilt free.