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21 Feb, 2017

A Place for All Seasons

“Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.” – Unknown

Poised above a pebbly shore lapped by gentle waves, PlusSea has made a name for itself as a prime summer hotspot, with ardent beachgoers travelling from far and wide to avail themselves of the unique tranquillity.

A Mediterranean island known for its sunshine-filled days, ‘Cyprus’ and ‘winter’ are seldom uttered in the same sentence, and come the much-maligned season of winter, people head for their homes, imagining that life as they know it has come to an end.

But sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction: wise words, indeed!
PlusSea’s warm, wooden interiors, artful lighting, and exotic décor embellishments create the perfect winter space from which to behold the azure sea whilst sipping on one of our many hot beverages: an aromatic coffee, perhaps, to brighten your morning, or a glass of delicately spiced mulled wine come sunset to end your day. Whatever your drink of choice, our extensive menu provides a plethora of indulgent options to satiate your appetite, from grilled halloumi with red lentils and pomegranate, to seafood linguine, and grilled herb-crusted rack of lamb.

Of course, being a place for all seasons, PlusSea is eagerly anticipating the impending arrival of spring, when the days begin to get longer and our experienced mixologists begin to flex their muscles again in preparing an assortment of delectable cocktails from our rich menu. After all, what better way to welcome the dawn of warmer days than by sipping on a zesty Raspberry and Passion Fruit Collins, and breathing in the salty sea air?