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29 Dec, 2017

A Glass Full of Winter Warmth

The licorice perfume of star anise swirls together with toasty cinnamon, peppery cloves, and sugared orange rind, and you identify – unmistakably – the heady sweet scene of red wine.

Warmed and softly spiced, PlusSea’s homemade hot wine is waiting to invite you into the sublime wintry world of nighttime beverages, designed to toast your toes, heat your heart, and pave the way to sparkling conversation.

Indeed, the practice of heating and spicing wine may be traced back to the 2nd century, at a time when the Romans dominated much of Europe, and solutions were sought to help defend the body against successive cold winters. The Romans believed that hot, spiced wine not only promoted health but also combatted sickness.

Cheers to that!